Feeling Feelings with LA’s heart struck singer-songwriter Kate Dwyer

Meet Los Angeles new heartfelt singer-songwriter Kate Dwyer of Feeling Feelings.

1. Where are you from originally & what was the path that lead in starting Feeling Feelings?
I am from East Los Angeles. I like to call myself Kate from Glendale, but it doesn’t seem to catch as a nickname. I started Feeling Feelings as a way to process some weird heartache I was dealing with. I was in love with someone in a relationship and started writing music as a way replace spending all of my time with them and stop drinking as much and doing drugs as a way to cope with my depression. I think initially I felt like it was a way for me to feel connected without having to be directly connecting to a specific person. That’s how I still am writing songs now, actually.

2. How would you describe your musical aesthetic?
Sweet sounds with sadness/longing/insecurities woven in between it all. I just write things that are happening in my life, mostly about men and relationships, but lately I’ve been writing more about trying to work on myself.  Almost all of the songs from the last release are about the person I am currently in love with.

3. What was your original concept for the band? Did you start with a clear idea or did it develop over time?
I always knew I wanted it to be all female. I just banded together people who were like me and wanted to play music, but maybe didn’t have as much experience or none at all. I had a clear vision but also was open to outside opinions. I felt like I was purposefully winging it, haha.

4. Growing up, which albums or songs have had an impact and shaped you as a musician?
As a small child, I listened to The Clash, Elvis Costello, and The Pretenders courtesy of my dad. As a teen, I really loved Sleater-Kinney, Aquabats, Tsunami Bomb, Weezer, Devo, The Kinks. I’m sure everything I making is like a blender of all of that in some weird way.

5. What kind of stuff were you listening to when making the album?
Frankly, I am a human sponge, for emotions, ideas, etc, so when I’m writing music I try and avoid listening too much to anything, although that being said, Harlem’s Hippies was something I did occasionally try and sponge from. I hope this doesn’t make me sound like I’m super impressionable.

6. Other than music, do you do any other kinds of arts or activity to stay creative & motivated?
I enjoy occasionally doing time-consuming crafts like knitting and piñata making. Something that requires me to be patient. I also have been doing yoga and barre. Mostly so I remember to breathe, relax and stop being a freak about everything always.

7. Who are your current musical influences? What’s on your playlist?
Elvis Costello (listening to all of Get Happy)
Pizza Time
La Sera
Butt Club (RIP)
Belly Belt

8. Are you working on any projects? What does the future hold for your music?
Feeling Feelings has a lot of things on the burners right now…Working on a split for King Baby EP and another half for tape/vinyl release. Figuring out some logistics for a music video. Recording in August. Playing every show. Working on a full-length album that is about halfway complete now. The songs are in a similar vein as King Baby except now I’m single and having to wade through the emotions of being alone and taking a long hard look at myself.

Tune into Feeling Feelings

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